This week is a very exciting one...myself and a small group of artists are to meet with Tom Pritchard for a week of development, exploring visual stimuli, improvisation and many other fascinating elements of a multi-disciplinary approach to creating movement art. I feel this week is just what I need in terms of gaining new skills and viewing dance in a different way - I feel confined to the obvious having just finished my training and am looking forward to 
Thanks to the wonderful Ruth Mills, I am preparing to start my new apprenticeship working towards the feminist dance theater piece "Girlfriend". Incredibly excited to start exploring...the next few months will consist of residencies on Aberdeen and Glasgow, with community workshops and studio sharings before the work is premiered at The Arches. Feeling extremely restless and have lots of ideas that just need to be put out of my head and into my body....
Please come and see degree students of the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance perform their choreographic works on the 14th and 15th March. Performed at The Space, Dundee, the night presents independently created dance works performed by third and fourth year students. The show starts at 7.30pm, bar opens at 7pm (vitally important!). My latest piece, Absolute Must-Have, will open Thursday night's performance. I will also be performing in three pieces on Friday night. Don't miss out! Bring a friend! see you there!

It is almost time to show Absolute Must-Have for the very first time at The Space, Dundee. After chopping and changing, playing and experimenting, I think I may almost be happy with what we have produced. Annoyingly, flu has kept me bed-bound for several days meaning I have missed out on valuable rehearsal time...however I'm sure we can find time to clean and finish up before the 14th! 

My dancers have been fantastic throughout the process, responding thoughtfully to tasks and showing great creativity when generating movement material. 

    miranda sheehy

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